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Quick and Easy Installation

Ash Floor Protector Hearth Sizes

2018 Floor Protector Prices

Black Tile with black Alloy Trim


Charcoal Tile with Rimu trim

Black Steel hearth


Floor protection hearths are essential when installing a new fireplace over a combustible floor such as timber or carpet. Even if there is a concrete slab any floor coverings that are deemed to be combustoble must be protected against. This is under and in front of the appliance protecting the floor against the heat generated by the fireplace, spilt ash and embers.

Ash Hearths - can be any constructed of any non combustible material (primarliy to prevent falling embers or coals from causing damage). Please not that heat will still transfer through steel, tiles, concrete etc so it is necessary to have an underlay of heat resistant material between hearth and heat sensitive floor.

Insulated Hearths - are designed for heating appliances that radiate a greater amount of heat onto the floor (not just for collecting spilt ash or embers). These hearths have a greater thickness (usually 50mm or greater) in order to prevent the transfer of heat onto the floor.

We have a wide selection of quick and easy to install floor protectors based on the following options:

Surround Trim:

  • Black Alloy - available in black tile only
  • Pine Timber - full range of tile options as per below
  • Rimu TImber - full range of tile options as per below

Standard Tile Colours:

  • Black
  • Terracotta
  • Granite
  • Charcoal

Premium Tile Colours 

  • Galaxy
  • Champagne


  • Against a Flat Wall (known as a Wall floor protector)
  • Into a Corner with the appliance on a 45 degree angle into the room (known as a Corner floor protector)