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Natures Flame Pellet Fuel 15kg bags

RRP: $14.00 NZD

For use in pellet fires only. Wood pellet fuel from Nature's Flame is a premium heating fuel made from waste wood shavings, sawdust and off-cuts, sourced from New Zealand's extensive plantation forestry sector and the timber processing industry. 

The 15kg bags are convenient for storing and handling.

As the raw fibre (good old New Zealand white pine) is renewable, and can be sustainably grown, supply of wood pellet fuel is not susceptible to the same price and scarcity issues as traditional (fossil) heating fuels.

Nature's Flame wood pellets are essentially compressed sawdust parcels that are uniform in size and shape, and are held together with 100% naturally occurring lignin.


Please note wood pellet fuel can only be used in pellet fire heating appliances. Not suitable for open fires or wood burners.